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Who We Are


Quality Management Services Ltd (QMS) is a business solutions company offering a number of services designed to meet the needs of a busy office. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to helping organizations achieve desired results and to fulfill business objectives in an innovative and professional manner.


Enjoy the Benefits of QMS








Our vision is to be the business solutions company of choice, operating beyond Ugandan borders and partnering with our clients to meet their current and future needs.


To promote client success and satisfaction by providing the highest level of service and keeping them ahead of their competition. Our overriding goal is to make a positive contribution to our clients’ business performance.


The Core Values of the company include:

  • Valuing our employees and respecting their dignity.
  • Commitment to teamwork and openness.
  • Commitment to increased quality of service and continuous improvement.
  • Commitment to ethical conduct – conducting all business dealings with fairness, honesty and integrity and maintaining loyalty to the client who hires us and pursue the clients objectives in ways that are consistent with their bests interests.
  • Recognize and discharge our responsibility to uphold all laws and regulations governing the policies and activities of our profession.
  • Always communicate with our clients in a truthful and accurate manner.
  • Willingness to innovate and change in order to retain competitive edge.
  • Increased empowerment and personal accountability.
  • Help create and sustain an atmosphere conducive to the spirit of this code.


Enjoy the Benefits of The QMS Experience which is

  • Professional: Understanding your perception of value.
  • Perceptive: Anticipating all your needs and requirements.
  • Edifying:Enlightening you on ways to produce an event.
  • Innovative:Creating unique designs and concepts
  • Proficient:Saving your time and money.
  • Magnificent:Producing spectacular and successful events.

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