Ivan Egesa, 18 years,

“Integrity is key in everything I do.”

Crispus Baraka, 20 years

“I have stopped undermining myself.”

Eve Gloria Nabirye, 17 years.

“I now desire to achieve excellence in all I do.”

Aggrey Ssewava, 24 years

“ I have learnt to be determined with integrity.”

Michael Magara, 21 years

“I have learnt to be an inspiration to others.”

Ruth Kwagala, 20 years

“I have learnt to be focused on whatever I do so as to attain my goal or dream. I have also learnt that I have to build confidence and to believe in myself.”

Philly Kabooto, 21 years

“ I have learnt to have the capacity to change a vision into a reality.”

Sheila Masamba, 19 years

“ The training has made me focus on my vision and has made me think positively. It has built my confidence. I feel like a new person.”

Patience Kwagala, 17 years

I now have a personal vision statement that will help me balance in life and be focused.”

Elizabeth Nassozi, 14 years.

“I have learnt to believe in myself.”

Daniella Nsereko, 14 years

“I have learnt how to be confident and how to be bold. The training has helped me a lot because I know I will be an achiever. I was confused with my vision, but I now know what I want to be in the future.”