18 years of Quality

June 30, 2020

Peter Drucker said, “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

This reminds me of a customer who said Thank you, more than a dozen times during the event and even after the workshop that we organized for her late last year in 2019.Abby Waldron was in charge of the Last Mile Health workshop. She flew in from the United States to ensure its smooth implementation. It was a workshop for about 60 medical professionals. It was held at Kabira Country Club. The QMS team was just 3 people, me inclusive. She kept on saying thank you to me and the other 2 colleagues I worked with.

What did we do?

We coordinated the hotel needs like the meals, the halls they held their meetings in, the equipment they used during the workshop like the flipcharts, pens, table arrangements, ensured the meals were on time, the program run smoothly etc. We organized for the pick up and drop off of the participants, 90% of whom were foreigners. In the evening we got them a local music and dance group to entertain them during their dinner and we were at hand to address any logistical issues, challenges the participants had. But most of all the customer care for all the participants, the hello there, you are welcome sir/ madam and can we help you? Do you need anything?, made such a difference to all the participants including the customer who had given us the job.

In the end she said she just had to give us a good word on our website and to anyone who asked about QUALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES.

In the 18 years of our company existence, we have worked so hard to ensure we give QUALITY SERVICES to our clients.

Now more than ever, you need to give the best to your customer- QUALITY SERVICE OR QUALITY PRODUCTS.