May 22, 2019

Have you ever been at a party and someone asks you “what do you do for a living?”. What’s your answer? Do you have that one sentence that clearly states what you do and what is unique about your business?


Ushers dressed in our company colours of green and gold. This is our brand.

Having a clear explanation of your business, is key to helping communicate your great idea to the world. There is a famous concept called ‘The Elevator Pitch’ where you imagine getting into an elevator and your dream client/ investor/ partner is there and you have from the ground floor to the top floor to pitch them an idea. Knowing that you have such a short time to capture their attention means that you have to be very clear with them about your idea/ product/ business. That elevator trip could change your life if you know how to use that time well.

The same is to be said about your business and building your brand. When showcasing our company to new customers, I know I only have a very short time to capture their attention. Questions I ask myself include: What is that unique selling point? What is that BIG idea? What is that one sentence that truly sums up what it is that my business does? A short, easy to understand sentence is an excellent starting point to begin building your brand identity.

These short times are usually at networking events I attend like the Associations’ meetings where I am a member or even conferences or workshops we may have organized or been invited to. Other times could be at a social event like a wedding, party or even at a church ceremony. You need to know people are busy, or in a different frame of mind. Hence the shorter the introduction of your business the better. So then quickly pull out your business card and share it. Then follow it up with a phone call.

To kick things off, can you share you business idea with the community here in one sentence?

I look forward to learning more about what is your experience!