Cultivate Self- Discipline instead of Regret

August 14, 2021

Jim Rohn a big believer in discipline says, “consistent self- discipline is a major trait to success. If you do not apply your knowledge with self-discipline, you cannot achieve admirable results.” To master the time of management, to master the technique of leadership, to master the art of setting goals and achieve your dreams, you must consciously work at being self- disciplined. It is a constant will to implement actions that will lead to success, to achieve a goal and subsequently one’s dream.
You get self- discipline from within yourself. It is not got from parents or grandparents, or from teachers or people around you. Examples key to self- discipline according to J. Rohn include habits like:
Getting up early,
Doing physical exercise like working out
Eating properly to remain healthy
Making a to do list and keeping faithful to it.
It takes discipline to change a bad habit because they are formed every day, every day, bit by bit. It can be done consistently day by day to the long term. You can do it slowly, consistently with determination. It takes discipline to plan, It takes discipline to execute your plan and to complete that plan or change it if the results are poor. It takes discipline to look with full objectivity to the applied plan to fulfil it. It takes discipline to be firm when the world throws opinions at our feet. It takes discipline to ponder the value of someone’s opinion. Discipline is a constant human awareness of the need for action and a conscious act by us to implement that action. It is an awareness of the constant need for action of our awareness and the complications at the same time. Then we begin a valued sequence of valued activity.