August 18, 2021

Our business has grown, persevered because we have discovered our joy in years of equipping others both those who work for us, on part time basis and service providers we work with during the course of our business.

During the many events we have held we have had to train our ushers who are 95% youth, how to work in a work environment. Similarly during our youth programs we tell the youth supervisors to learn to teach others to work professionally with customers, present themselves professionally and courteously.

Steps of the process to equip include attracting, developing and empowering. A leader in the company must:

  1. Act. Don’t just say it.
  2. Do it with the employee. Have your colleagues seen you do it before? Demonstrate it then.
  3. Let the employee do it as you watch. Let them practice and they will develop.
  4. You let them be. You have then equipped someone else. It is satisfying to both parties.
  5. Encourage the trainee/ employee to equip some one else with that knowledge, experience or action.