How to overcome procrastination at the workplace

October 14, 2020

– Recognize that you have a problem.
– Figure out why you are procrastinating.
So then:
1. Change your thinking. Pull yourself into acting on your goals. Say, “Do it NOW” over and over again.
2. Think positively and tell yourself you can do it. Stop telling yourself that you cannot do it.
3. Eat your ugliest frog first without delay. Take action and get it out of the way.

This is the sequence of events in your life. i.e. what to do first, second, third etc.
What is the best way to use your time?
1. Focus on things that will have the most immediate and beneficial impact.
2. Ask yourself what are the priorities.
3. Plan each day in advance.
Brian Tracy says, “If you do the right thing in the right way you will get whatever results you desire.”
Techniques to improve your time management
1. Positive attitude. Repeatedly say aloud with emotion for example: I am excellent at time management. Ina spirit of faith and commitment you will live it if you accept it in your subconscious mind. You will become what you say about yourself.
2. Reprogram your subconscious mind through visualization. For example picture yourself as being efficient over and over again in your mind.
3. Take quiet time to mentally visualize your perfect scenario. For example keep calm, in perfect control, happy and have a positive attitude.
4. Imagine you are already excellent at time management.

Shot of a young businessman looking bored while working at his desk during late night at work