Little things but vital to make your workshop or meeting a success

September 1, 2016

The Rachel-013other day, we were contacted by one of our loyal clients to organize a meeting of 30 people in one of the top high profile hotels in Kampala. We did the usual sending out of invitations by email, made confirmations, updated the client on who was to attend and waited for the d- day which was 2 days away.

On the eve of the day (I have done event management for 14 years), I tell myself to cross check List:

  • Equipment
  • Banners
  • Hotel or the venue management has the program- do they know the time the workshop starts, do they have Public Address System, stand by generator.
  • Sitting arrangement
  • Registration table
  • Hall in which the meeting will be held.
  • Sign posts to the hall at all major entrances of the hotel

We have a policy as a company to always arrive at least one hour before the workshop starts. It has helped us many times to get things done correctly and the client won’t be aware when they arrive if there was anything amiss before the workshop starts.

On d- day I arrived at the hotel at 6:45 a.m. (the workshop was to begin at 8:00 a.m.). I checked that everything was as had been discussed with the client and the hotel management. I ticked off everything on my list.

As I looked again, I noticed one thing missing… the Podium on which the Chief guest would address the delegates. The hotel supervisor assured me it would be brought in a few minutes. A few minutes turned into 45 minutes!!


However, the podium was eventually brought after many reminders.

Fortunately, this happened just minutes before the client walked in.

So never take anything for granted even a ‘small thing’ if not addressed and taken of, can fail you- as the event planner and manager.