June 30, 2020

A reputation and a profile are valuable assets that pay dividends. People who have a reputation receive in bound opportunities. Daniel Priestley in his book Entrepreneur Revolution says because of his reputation and profile he has been offered shares in other peoples’ businesses.

In Quality Management Services we have built a reputation over 18 years of integrity, honesty and client loyalty. These are among the values we emphasize in our staff. It is therefore important that we guard them jealously. Recently at an event a staff member of the organisation called me and said one of our team members was selling booklets that were being given out for free to their guests. I answered it was impossible and insisted she show me which team member it was. She led me to a man who said saw our team member in action. I asked him again and again who it was. He then led me to one of the guests and I discovered it was the guest who had offered to give our team member money but our team member had informed her they were not for sell. I then returned to the two staff members of the client organisation and asked that they clear our name on the public address microphone. My co- director also joined in to remind and emphasize that falsehoods were not acceptable because building a name, brand and reputation was a lifetime process we had worked hard at. They apologized.

Priestley adds that to a company and an entrepreneur your most prized asset must be your REPUTATION… Guard it, nurture it, make decisions with your reputation in minutes because great entrepreneurs believe. Money comes and goes but your reputation is permanent.