Conflict is a natural feature in an organisation. How to make it healthy.

November 16, 2020

“Conflict is uncomfortable, but it is the source of true innovation, and also a critical process in identifying and mitigating risks.” In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. —Albert Einstein.

Conflict in the workplace is avoidable, preventable, necessary, or all of the above. Conflict is a natural and normal feature of the workplace. It occurs in every company or organization. For any team that strives to attain its goals, conflict is inevitable. Although differences will occur, the outcome doesn’t have to be negative. Conflict is healthy and can make your organisation grow. How?
1. Opportunities to learn and grow: How? By listening and incorporating feedback, you gain experience, try new things, and evolve as a manager.
2. Improved relationships. By working through conflict together, you’ll feel closer to the people around you and gain a better understanding of what matters to them and how they prefer to work. You’ll also set an important precedent: that it’s possible to have “good” fights and then move on.
3. Higher job satisfaction. When you’re not afraid to constructively disagree about issues at work, you’re likely to be happier to go to the office, be satisfied with what you accomplish, and enjoy interactions with your colleagues.
4. A more inclusive work environment. If you want to have diversity and inclusion in your organization, you have to be prepared to disagree.
Hence, Conflict can provide opportunities. Conflict challenges us to think harder, to be more creative, to develop greater understanding, and to search for alternative avenues that are more efficient, more effective, and more productive.