March 1, 2021

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To be successful you must have a burning desire.
It can start as a spark. For some it can grow and then it lights up and then becomes a burning desire.
Read books, listen to audios and build up a storage of knowledge.
The beginning is tough. You may have to keep putting in money into your passion. While you work for free.
Sometimes the cost is bigger than you can afford. But find a way to make it happen. Think of a way outside the box.
Summary of 10 steps to Maximise your Moment
1. Have a Burning desire.
2. You must act.
3. You must find your YES.
4. Do not negotiate with your dream.
5. Be creative.
6. Challenge the old paradigms.
7. Take the first step without knowing the others.
8. Remember the law of sacrifice.
9. Imagine yourself having what you want.
10. Celebrate your victories along the way.