December 8, 2022

Leaders in institutions and companies must realize that soft skills inspire those around them and those they lead. These are key characteristics:

  1. Empathy: It should guide the way we do business today. You should be polite to all you meet in the organization, in all departments. Share, listen, find common ground and connect. Try to understand where and what people you are working with are going through and how they feel.
  2. Vulnerability: To make an impact, understand what it feels like to be hurt, feel pride, be exhausted angry and heartbroken all in the last six months. The current global climate is stressful, to say the least, so allow your team to see that you are human- this will make them work harder than you.
  3. Patience: Being patient with your co- workers, your bosses and those working under you, is key during this pandemic. Remember love is kind and patient. So exhibit both.
  4. Humility: It is said that the best leaders are those who praise others especially if they don’t have to. Give credit where it is due. Leaders who take a table spoon of humility in service of bonding with the people around them are the ones that continually come out ahead.
  5.  Generosity: For example give your colleagues time –a few extra minutes after a video call for clarifications. Be generous with your time and knowledge. Generosity circulates intelligence from generation to generation.

However the core competencies of great leaders are still the same. Drive, stamina and a keen eye for the right strategies. Though in these changing unpredictable times a leader must have good interpersonal skills to lead his team, and his company because he or she must be able to understand each member’s strengths and have the key to unlock each one’s potential while being able to connect with them.